Enjoy your learning!

KMT - complex prevention and solution of learning disabilities and difficulties with personalized developmental movements.

From children to adults!

Individual or group steps  for your effective development! 

Therapy has 8-15 consultation! 

Let's practice 20 minutes 4-5 times a week!

Development of skills

There are many learning techniques. They could improve your success. To have an effective strategy for studying, it is best to combine several methods together.Let's find together which are yours. 

Join to ARTcoWORKers community!  

Vitalped is partner of the ARTcoWORKers project from the Netherlands. We organise an exchange of experiences and a cooperative training of people with disabilities and the arts and cultural industry. Our goal with all this is access to adult learning opportunities especially to digital learning, use arts and theatre play for self-representation for disabled people, better inform the public and decision-makers about the rights of people with disabilities, and new business and job opportunities in arts, culture and creative industry.