About me

In order to have fun and diverse learning, I support the exchange of information in the fields of science by organizing and presenting interviews, projects and events with a wide professional network. 

Life is full of many challenges, excitement, and our daily learning processes can be influenced by many factors (such as nutrition, sleep, quality of movement, the process of maturing the nervous system, the course of development, stress management, finding and maintaining motivation, learning methodology, learning difficulty, self-knowledge). 

I provide a solution for these by transferring my studies and practical experience  with counselling, individual and group sessions. Vitalped has excellent professional network.

Who is it for?

  • students, parents
  • adults
  • those are working in the world of pedagogy

         Mityók-Pálfalvi Ivett

  • owner of Vitalped for catching up and nurturing talent and learning specialist
  • pedagogy and multicultural education teacher and Hungarian language teacher
  • certified complex movement developer for prevention and solution of learning disabilities and difficulties - member of KMT Academy 
  • tender writer & manager 


 Volunteer activities: 

  • president of Vereniging Hongarije Plaza
  • member of Foundation for Cultural Support of Hungarian Youth in the Netherlands
  • journalist of Most Magyarul! magazine

Steps for personalized development! 

How does it work?

Dissemination and implementation of development sessions and talent development programs for children, youngs and adults by supporting the possibility of a wide range of personalized development with a complex approach.